car modification and alignment service

Why you need wheel alignment and balancing

Wheel misalignment is, unfortunately, a common occurrence as we go about our day-to-day commute on the road. Impact from driving over potholes, uneven roads and getting into accidents will jolt your wheels out of alignment. Vehicle components are also prone to wear and tear, suspension springs that keep your alignment in place may become loose, leading to misalignment.

Signs you need car alignment service

If you are experiencing any signs of wheel misalignment such as worn-out tyres, vehicle drifting towards a particular direction, problems handling the wheel, etc, it should be high time for you to get your wheel alignment checked out.

Why Choose Our Wheel Alignment Service

Quality Service

Our team of experienced mechanics will thoroughly assess the condition of your car’s alignment and re-align it back to its original position using industry-grade equipment and machines.

One stop service

Let us take care of all your tyre needs. From tyre change, wheel balancing, sports rim change and wheel alignment, we do it all in house. No need to change tyres at one place and head somewhere else for wheel alignment.

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