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Different Car Models require different battery sizes and types dependent on the car engine size, accessories power requirements, space available for installation etc. To know what is the correct battery to use for your car, please call us for non obligation quote and advice. We carry various sizes of car batteries from established brands such as Varta Car Battery, Bosch Car Battery and Amaron Car Battery at very reasonable pricing. We offer both onsite and mobile car battery replacement services.

Introducing the Car Battery

The humble automotive or car battery is a rechargeable lead acid battery whose main function is to feed electrical current to the starters, which starts the engine. After the engine starts running, the car alternator takes over to feed the required electrical power and at the same time charges the car battery.

The car battery is designed to deliver maximum current for a short period of time and therefore not suitable for deep discharging. Frequent full discharge can reduce the battery’s lifespan hence it is not recommended for 24hours running electronics like car cameras to tap on this power supply when the car engine is not running.

Types of Car Batteries

Standard Flooded Battery

The older versions of car batteries require maintenance in the form of topping up with distilled water. Nowadays, the maintenance free type is more common as these batteries retain their fluid for the life of the battery hence topping up is no longer required. As described earlier, these standard flooded batteries are not suitable for deep discharging applications such as a start-stop vehicle.

Start Stop Battery

A battery technology that has been growing in popularity due to the demand for lower carbon emissions, start stop car batteries are widely preferred today to “normal batteries”. This is enabled by the stop start car battery turning off the car engine automatically each time the vehicle is brought to a stop. When stationary, the stop start car battery powers ancillary systems such as lights and air conditioning. At the same time, the brake regeneration system stores energy when brakes are engaged, accumulating it for later. This differs from conventional batteries which are not capable of discharge from the starter battery. Start stop batteries in particular shine in short journeys, ensuring that sufficient energy is always present to start the engine.


Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) as the name suggested, is an improved version of standard flooded car battery. With new technology and additions to the plates inside the battery, EFB car batteries have better cycling abilities and improved charge acceptance. It is therefore the entry level battery for cars with cyclic, start-stop technology.


The Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) car battery is different from the regular flooded car battery as the sulphuric acid is absorbed into fibre-glass mesh working like a sponge and squeezed in between the electrode plates. The AGM car battery is a high endurance battery capable of handling higher number of charge cycles perfect for start-stop systems.

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