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Built upon the ingenuity and innovation of the Japanese, SSR wheels offer some of the best rim performance on the market. Known for being stylish, lightweight and of great quality, SSR wheels allow your vehicle to perform at its best.

Originally founded by Speedstar in 1971, the rims sought to fame on the back of having passed both the JWL (Japan Light Alloy Wheel) standard and VIA standard. Over the years, SSR wheels have become commonplace in the motorsport world, due to their reliability in terms of quality and performance.


The GTX01 incorporates flow forming technology which in turn allows for the combination of lesser material and sturdy properties.


Weighing in at 200g lighter than that of the GTX01, the GTX02 is a super light weight model based on a dynamic hyper mesh design. This technology has allowed for improved strength, sturdiness and brake cooling.


Incorporating a full body pure sports design, the GTX03 adopts a spoke cross section to balance rigidity and weight reduction at a high level.

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SSR Blikker

SSR Blikker

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