Second Hand Rims

Arrow Tyres carries second hand rims or used rims for sale from many different brands and models. This offers you a great option when seeking to replace a damaged rim or for attaining a spare rim. Do contact us to find out which used rims we have on hand at the moment.

Why Choose Reconditioned Rims?

At Arrow Tyres, we only offer 2nd hand rims or recondition rims that are fully functional, safe to use and are in good condition. All second hand rims have been professioanlly reconditioned. This means that they have been restored to their original condition and thus can be counted on.

How To Choose Used Rims?


Possible existing defects for second hand rims include minor cracks, bent components and visual evidence of curbing. You should actively inspect all offered 2nd hand rims for such defects and reject any that might pose danger to your vehicle.


Branded rims have been imitated by certain maufacturers, flooding the market with fake alloy wheels. The huge difference here being the assurance of quality of materials and workmanship. Always be sure to check that you are purchasing genuine rims.


Naturally, you will require rims that fit your car model. In particular, you will need to take note of the measurements of the wheel, bolt pattern, offset and centerbore.


Recognise the conditions under which you require your rims to perform. Depending on the environment, different specifications will be required. When in doubt, feel free to approach our technicians for advice on having the right set of tyres for your needs.