Close-Up on SSR Rims Different Models: Form & Function

Upgrading to high-performance rims should be a top priority for the auto enthusiast who appreciates both form and function when modding their ride. The right rims can transform your car’s look while providing tangible handling and braking improvements. In the world of aftermarket rims, SSR is one of the most respected and recognised brands. SSR has continually innovated wheel designs for over 50 years, blending aesthetic appeal with engineering excellence.

In this article, we’ll look at three of SSR’s top rim models- the GTX01, GTX03, and Blikker. We’ll examine these rims’ key features and benefits, from their cutting-edge styles to their lightweight strength. Whether you’re looking for head-turning looks or a competitive edge, SSR’s rims deliver on both fronts. Read on as we explore the form and function of these standout SSR wheel options to find your perfect fit.

The Importance of Car Rims

Car rims are critical in your vehicle’s handling, braking performance, and safety. The rim is what gives the tire its foundational shape and structure. High-quality rims are precisely engineered to hold the tire in place at speed while withstanding impacts from potholes and debris. Sturdy rims contribute to better shock absorption for a smoother ride.

The right set of rims also helps ensure the tread makes full contact with the road for optimal grip, traction, and control. Additionally, well-designed rims provide passageways for airflow to cool the brake rotors and calipers. Upgraded rims with improved rigidity and lower weight can enhance acceleration and fuel economy.  For these reasons, upgrading your rims is one of the best ways to improve how your car drives immediately.

A Close-Up on the 4 Different Types of SSR Rims Models

SSR is renowned for its production of high-quality rim models, which are a blend of aesthetics and functionality. This section will delve deeper into four key SSR rims: GTX01, GTX02, GTX03, and GTX04.


The SSR GTX01 is a lightweight rim that combines visual appeal with structural durability. Its complex stepped lip design provides additional reinforcement, ensuring rigidity. The five split spokes are designed to optimize airflow, effectively cooling the brakes. These features make the SSR GTX01 a versatile choice for both performance and style-conscious drivers. The lightweight design also has the potential to positively impact fuel efficiency, making it a cost-effective option in the long run.


Striking a balance between minimal weight and structural strength, the SSR GTX02 features a 5-spoke layout. The open windows created by the spokes serve a dual purpose – they contribute to the rim’s overall lightweight design and direct air to the brakes for efficient cooling. This design makes the GTX02 an excellent choice for those seeking performance and agility. The rim’s balance between weight and strength can enhance vehicle handling and ride comfort, providing a smoother driving experience.


The SSR GTX03 stands out with its dynamic staggered split spoke layout, designed for maximum rigidity using SSR’s optimal pitch design. The curved 10 split spokes not only enhance brake cooling but also add a unique style to the overall look. This rim perfectly blends form and function, catering to drivers who prioritize both performance and aesthetics. The staggered split spoke design could result in improved tire grip on the road, enhancing safety during high-speed drives.


The SSR GTX04 is more than just a stylish rim; it incorporates a strong mesh design recessed into the lip, providing added structural integrity. The dynamic 10-spoke styling enhances visual appeal and promotes effective brake airflow. This rim showcases SSR’s commitment to combining innovative design with practical functionality. The mesh design could potentially offer better resistance against impact damage, making it a durable choice for tough driving conditions.

It’s important to note that while these reviews highlight potential benefits based on design features, actual performance can vary based on factors like vehicle compatibility, driving conditions, and maintenance. Always consult with a professional or your vehicle manufacturer before choosing rims for your vehicle.

Form Meets Function

The design of SSR rims artfully blends aesthetic appeal with engineering functionality. For instance, the split multi-spoke patterns create striking visuals with their eye-catching geometries. But these designs also have functional benefits. The complex spoke shapes improve structural rigidity compared to simpler spoke designs. This enhanced rigidity contributes to more precise and responsive handling.

The openings between the spokes also help direct airflow to cool the brake rotors and calipers. Effective brake cooling prevents overheating and fades during repeated hard stops or track driving. By optimising airflow, SSR rims enhance braking performance.

The rims are also engineered to reduce unsprung weight as much as possible. Keeping the rims lightweight improves the suspension’s responsiveness and the vehicle’s acceleration. SSR uses innovative casting processes and materials like forged aluminum to achieve maximum strength with minimum weight.

Overall, SSR rim designs offer more than just standout looks. Tangible improvements in handling, braking, and ride quality back the aesthetic appeal. Form and function work in perfect harmony.

Customization Options

A major benefit of SSR wheels is the wide range of customization and personalization available. While the rims come in popular finishes like chrome, black, and gunmetal gray, SSR also offers customized paint colors to match your car perfectly. Their in-house painting uses modern techniques like powder coating to create durable, show-quality finishes.

The sizing, offset, and bolt patterns can be tailored to fit your car model’s specific suspension and dimensions. SSR wheels can be sized with diameters from 15” to 20” and a wide selection of widths to achieve your desired stance and fitment. No matter what you drive, SSR wheels can be customized for a perfect individualized fit.

SSR vs. Normal Car Rims – The Differences

Car tires showcased inside an automobile workshop.

In contrast with regular factory rims, SSR rims are lighter yet stronger, provide better heat dissipation, have more avant-garde looks, and enable extensive customization. Key advantages include:

Advanced Light-Weight Materials

SSR sculpts exceptionally strong yet featherweight rims from forged aluminum alloys. Their Their high-heat, high-pressure forging process compacts the alloy into an ultra-dense state free of weak points, enabling complex durable designs with massive weight reductions.

Race-tested Durability

SSR subjects all of its wheel designs to grueling stress tests involving radical cornering, sudden braking, and harsh road impacts far beyond normal driving conditions, ensuring each rim model meets extreme durability and crack resistance standards for competitive racing environments before release.

More Sizes, Offset, and Fitment Options

SSR offers an extensive range of rim diameters, widths, offsets, and bolt patterns to match precisely the suspension geometry and space constraints of various high-performance vehicle makes and models.

Range of Cool Colours and Finishes

SSR wheels come in a diverse palette of candy apple reds, electric blues, mirror chromes, matte bronzes, gloss blacks, and more via specialized multi-coat finishes, anodized colorings, metal plating, and other processes, giving car owners extensive personalization options to match their vehicle.


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