Immediate Car Battery Recovery Service from $28!

Car unable to start due to flat car battery? Save on costly tow charges – call us at 83998810 today! We strive to get you back on the road in no time!

Battbulance is manned by experienced technicians from Arrow Tyres, an established tyre and car battery shop in the heart of Singapore. After sales service support is always available daily 7 days a week. With years of experience in car battery and tyres, our technician is able to assist you to check and diagnose the car battery before advise you on the next course of actions be it car battery replacement or simply just jump starting the vehicle.

Different vehicles require different sized car batteries depending on the car engine size, space restrictions under the hood and your car accessories running on electrical power. Also many modern cars have Start/Stop function that requires either an EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) or AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) car battery. Our friendly and experienced technician is one call away to advise you on the right car battery for your ride.

Onsite Battery Assistance . 24 Hours On Call . Island wide service

24 Hours On-site Car Battery Recovery Service

  • On the spot car battery replacement/ recovery & troubleshooting
  • Ensure vehicle electronics will not be affected (no need reset headunit or car settings)
  • Ensure all circuitry is in working condition before move off
  • Battery is charging, electrical components are working etc.
  • 24 hours island wide service
  • 1 year warranty for new car battery
  • Established Tyre and Battery Shop for all your after sales support available right at the heart of Singapore. Purchase with no worries!

Signs Your Car Battery Is Dead

While there could be many reasons why your car could not start, these are some of the signs that suggest your car battery is due for replacement:

  • Your Engine Cranks but does not Start
  • No crank, unable to start or even, no lights
  • Cold cranking your car at the start of the morning is difficult
  • You have jump started your car many times
  • Yesterday your car starts fine, but today it just wont start

If you had the above symptoms, feel free to call our mechanic for further advise or help. (65) 8399 8810.

Car Battery Information

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