Rim Restoration Services

Arrow Tyres offer rim repair services to fully restore your damaged tyres. Be it rim curb rash, scratches or cosmetic damages, our technicans are fully capable of repairing them. Do contact us to find out how we can help to get your rims back into tip top condition.

Rim Scratch Repair

Scratches can make your rims appear dull and damaged. To repair your wheels, a combination of cleaner, thinner, sanding, filling, primer and paint are applied in order to cover the scratches.

Rim Rash Repair

Curb rashes appear on your rims after rubbing against a curb or other similar obstacles. This results in an unsightly and dirty looking surface for your rims. To repair curb rash, A combination of sanding, filling, paint thinner and primer are used to remove the rash.

Car Rim Repair Works

Can’t Find the model you want? Call us and we will find the right set for your car.