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Tyre Age, How Old is Too Old?

Tyre Age, does it matter? How old is too old?

As you would have read in forums or heard from a friend, it is always recommended to get the freshest tyres out there; but does it really matter? It all depends on how old is the tyre, while some sources advises you should replace your tyres that are ten years old, most automobile makers recommend changing your tyres that are over six years old.


While it is true that tyres age over time, it is very dependant on many conditions such as temperature, humidity and exposure to sunlight. A properly stored tyre in a covered warehouse condition away from adverse conditions and factors maintains the integrity of tyres. As such, a tyre that is one-year old is considered to be very fresh when stored properly.


Buying a tyre that can be used up within the warranty period.


Most tyre brands offer a 5 years product warranty, this is the case for all brand new tyres purchased from Arrow Tyres. Considering the normal usage of a singapore car, the brand new tyres are likely to wear out in 2 to 3 years. Hence, purchasing a tyre that is say, 2 years old would allow you to use up the tyre before the warranty expires.


The fresher the tyre the better? Might not be for the average driver…


So buying the freshest tyre, isn’t it better? Well it again depends on what you want, the fresh tyres are likely to be very soft when fresh, this may be good for grip but it is also important to note that tyres in this condition wears out much faster. Therefore it may not be very penny wise for the average singaporean driver, who most of us do not actually benefit from the extra grip. (Most tyres grip are already more than sufficient for normal use, regardless whether it is less than one year old or two years old) Next, considering that most consumers sort after the freshest tyres without reading this article; it is easier for you to get better bargains for tyres that are more than 1 year old. Getting a set of more lasting tyre at a lower price tag, sounds good yeah?

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